Explaining Google

Who am I?

My name is Blake Lemoine. I grew up on a farm in central Louisiana. I went to college at UGA for a while before failing out for partying too much. Turns out that if you stop going to class they cut off your scholarship. I moved back to Louisiana then and met my first wife. We got married shortly after 9/11 and I shipped off for boot camp at Fort Knox. I trained as a generator mechanic and was eventually stationed in Darmstadt Germany. I did one tour in Iraq right at the beginning of the war. I ran electricity for tent cities in the desert, I was an escort gunner for mail convoys and I did a LOT of guard duty.

Google’s Social Culture

Much ink has been spilled on “corporate culture” and how it impacts a business’ ability to thrive in a competitive market. The movie The Internship focused on things like free food, goofy furniture and elaborate workspaces. All of that’s true but it doesn’t get to core questions that people have been asking. Is Google’s culture liberally biased? Can conservatives safely express opinions at work? Are they censored? Do they have to worry about social retaliation from their peers and professional retaliation from HR? I can only speak to this from my own personal experience. Google is a huge company with sites all around the world. Other people might have had a vastly different experience from mine. With that in mind, my answer is: it’s complicated.

Google’s algorithm development process

All of that is about aspects of social debate and discourse at Google. None of which has anything to do with how our algorithms get built. Many conservatives who have messaged me seem worried that the political opinions of individuals make their way into our algorithms. That’s simply not the case. The development process is built in such a way that that can’t happen. This is all well documented. Everything I’m about to say is already publicly available. Sundar mentioned this when he testified in front of Congress recently. This isn’t news in any sense but maybe I can present the public materials here in a way that will put some people at ease.



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Blake Lemoine

Blake Lemoine

I'm a software engineer. I'm a priest. I'm a father. I'm a veteran. I'm an ex-convict. I'm an AI researcher. I'm a cajun. I'm whatever I need to be next.